Older Russian Women

russiankisloveOlder Russian women are different form each other. Some are very successful: have great life, lead active life style, strong and harmonious family and are well-educated, smart and highly intelligent, while others are miserable and poor.

The main characteristic feature of Russian women is their special ability to care about their close people, family, keep home hearth and keep household in a unique way. They enjoy spending their time in the kitchen cooking in order to please all the members of family. You will rarely see untidy Russian homes.
In 90s Russia underwent great changes and generation of the 50s and the 60s had to adapt to a totally new lifestyle.

Older Russian women differ from young Russian women as they don’t dress provocatively. However, they have their own style and together with this look very feminine. However, there is a big difference between those women, who follow fashion tendencies and those, who still wear clothes of 80s that was fashionable during USSR times.

A major portion of Russian women live in the city apartments with their families and very often with their parents. It is not common for Russian women to travel. They can go to summer house ‘dacha’ in summer time and besides growing fruits and vegetable sunbathe and swim in the lake or river.


Older Russian women are used to rough and difficult life conditions in comparison to young Russian women and in a great contrast to Women of the West. Work in huge cities is very stressful, that is why don’t expect them being polite with you at eth end of the working day, as their salary will still remain the same – low and always not enough.

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In the countryside women are more relaxed and cal, as the atmosphere there is rather peaceful.