How to seduce a girl

It is important that you tell a woman a lot of compliments. After all, love, sex and communication are the three main things in all relationships. Many women love when she is flattered by her partner. But in conversation you must be very careful because women are able to deftly catch when they are deceived. And so you should be yourself, don’t act stupid. Woman should be treated as a Goddess. Do not tell her that you want to drag her to bed and just talk to begin with, let her stay sexy and smart. Bring it to a frank conversation and conquer her confidence. No woman can resist a man who knows how to really listen. Let her feel that everything she says you listen carefully and care about her. Make a convincing position and tone: body straight and your head tilted slightly forward. More often look into her eyes when you talk. Attract attention to all parts of her body.
Some people prefer online dating; however online dating is just a training ground before the real action. For example, many women pay attention to the eyes, so train yourself before the mirror. To make sure you look straight into her eyes you should learn how to broaden and narrow the eyes: for this look into the distance, and then again in her eyes. This method visually demonstrates your excitement. This is a simple way to drag a girl into bed. You can call the sympathy of the partner. Tell her, for example, that a girl left you, and you need support, let a tear. There is not a single girl that can resist this. And most importantly do not immediately jump on your partner, like an animal. Be gentle, be at least once a real man. If she started to move first then take her gently and kiss her neck as it was a gentle and smooth leaf. Loop through her hair. And always think about her but not your instincts.

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