How to get a girl to respond on Tinder with 100 percent guarantee

We all want popularity on Tinder especially among the hottest and most popular girls. But the competition is too big, so how should we succeed at all? The hookup experts are dropping a tip.

“You should combine all possible factors and benefits at once. Never underestimate the importance of this or that part, from your profile quality to the content of your messages on Tinder.

Start from simple things, such as placing the clear and sharp photos of yourself and accompanying them with a nice trendy bio. Learn from the top Tinder users how exactly to do that.

Then, choose the best pickup lines for messaging your match. Do not go for trivial and frequently chosen phrases, but be unique and specific. A smart girl shall always appreciate the freshness.

Compliment smth she really has, instead of copying and pasting always the same compliment. Also, be polite and tactful, even if you’re commenting a body part such as long legs or a curvy butt.

Remember the times have changed and any girl can appear to be a general manager or a business owner. Respect them, not just desire them and they’ll fall for you”.