How to distinguish signs of attentions

Simple rules that will help you quickly get acquainted with the beautiful girl on the street.
1. Do not rush, especially if you stroll down the street to meet a girl. Walk quietly, do not rush … So you will have more time to evaluate if the girl likes you or not.
2. When your eyes cross then take a look at the girl that interests you. You will understand that the girl tries to estimate you. It is a normal behavior of women. If the girl delays her view, do not worry it is good. It is just a game to realize whether or not you look at her first. If she smiled, then feel free to come and start a conversation. Now she has a good mood and this behavior draws her attention to you.
3. Completely different situation. Two girlfriends walking together and leisurely are talking about something.
After they estimate you their conversation becomes more brightened. If they smile and look at you then there is a chance that they are talking about you. In 70% of cases, they say something like: “What a nice guy was now before us.” Take that in consideration.
4. A girl walking down the street pretty quickly slows her pace and your eyes crossed? What could that mean? It’s fairly a clear sign that the girl did not mind that you approached her.
5. If your conversation moved to a more comfortable place then be aware and look for the signs. She can rub toes on the leg; it means that she is definitely got her eye on you. A girl can be very shy, or stick to old-fashioned views, for example, she can tell you this: “I never get acquainted on the street”. In this situation you must use your secret weapon (your charm and manliness)
Girls do not like over self-confident guys. You should know exactly what to do in any situation, how to behave, what to say and how to talk. In any case do not show the girl her insecurities, otherwise you will lose her.

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