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sex gay dateCan someone, please tell me, how can you explain to a 7 years old boy what love between two people of the same gender means? Let me tell you, that when this happens, you should be prepared. I know I haven’t been, but now I am.

Let me tell you a funny story. Funny at this moment, at least. The main character :  my nephew Christian. I love spending time with him and I try doing that as often as I can. We ride our bikes, we go playing football, but usually we just go into the park and eat ice cream and while he plays I can enjoy sitting on a bench. I need to tell you that Chris is the boy “why”. Everything he sees, whatever happens around him, we always asks “why” and I need to be prepared for any question that crosses his mind. Two days ago we went into the park. There, somewhere, he saws two boys kissing or holding hands, or something, I don’t know exactly, because he asked me what those boys are doing. I didn’t realize at that time that Chris is only 7 years old and I just dropped it : they are at a gay dating. I realized what I have done, but it was done. In a second I saw Chris looking and me and he exclaimed a big woooow. This is his reaction when I say something that he doesn’t even know what it means or I show him something new. And it started the avalanche of “why”. Why they hold hands, why they sit near each other, why this why that. But what surprised me was that he asked me if they have a baby because at his school, his friend Alicia has two dads. I had no words. But I understood that nowadays kids have more access to information that I had when I was little and I can’t tell him stories like the one that babies are brought by the stork. When I was his age I didn’t even know that gay people exist and even if I would have an idea I don’t think that someone would stay and explain to me.

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So I took Chris and I tried to explain to him as good as I could that gay people are exactly like me and him and they usually go out like we do. They ride bikes, they eat cookies, they walk into the park by holding hands, they go shopping together like his mommy and daddy do and also they have babies, cute and smart just like him. I don’t know what he understood but when we got home he started saying : “mommy, mommy you know that gay people make babies like me”? My sister looked at me with a poker face and I had to explain to her what happened. Probably until next day he forgot al about it.

As for me, I am so proud of how well I managed the situation and I know that next time if something like this happens, I am prepared.


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