Finding the right approach to Ukrainian women on

lady-from-ukraineMany guys are wondering what of should be their tactic of getting closer with a lady from Ukraine. For many of us they represent a culture that we barely know and do not have much experience with. That is why it is important to know a couple of aspects that will help you to have a fruitful communication with girls from Ukraine.

The traditional roles

In Ukrainian culture the masculine values prevail. It means that the way men or women are expected to behave is more similar to how we traditionally picture the role division between the genders. Men have to be strong and brutal doing manly things, ladies are thought to be weaker and focused on soft values.  This kind of perception would be okay for many Ukrainian women. You do not have to be afraid that if you offer help with anything, she would feel that you think she is not independent enough. A lady from Ukraine would never feel offended if she is expected to act like a woman. However, it also means that she wants to see confident actions from your side.


Do not be stingy with compliments

Often you can hear that women love with their ears – it is particularly true for Ukrainian women. Feel free to describe what you like about the woman but do not get too creative and unrealistic. The more straightforward and honest you would be the stronger would be foundation for your relationship. Do not forget that kind words make miracles happen. We like people who like us so do not hesitate to say what is on your mind. The best part is that you would not have to make up the compliments to say – has so many beautiful girls that you will be astonished by the looks and the right words would come into your mouth the moment you look at them.

Be patient and consistent

Although Ukrainian girls are fun and relaxed talking partners the challenges in communication might occur from time to time. For instance, if the lady’s English skill is not strong enough you might have a hard time when making a transition from easy everyday topics to more complicated matters. Do not give up too easily. Take your time and let the lady get comfortable with expressing her thoughts in a foreign language. If there really is something between you and her you will quickly learn to understand each other. And in no time at all you will stop noticing any difficulties. It is great to see how real attraction to each other can break barriers like this. Just be patient and encourage your partner.

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The things that you should not say

It is utterly wrong to assume that a person who lives in Ukraine hates their country and wants to talk bad things about it. It also might be not the best idea to start talking about politics right away. Of course, at some point this topic will come up anyway. It is hard to avoid it hundred per cent as Ukrainian people are also eager to talk about it. In general you should keep in mind the all the rules that work for the rest of women. After all, the Ukrainians are not so different from other Europeans and they feel themselves fines among the Americans too.