Advices to Russian bride marrying with a foreigner

realgirlsThere are a lot of letters from women who married with a foreigner and do not have a happy family life, who are complaining about their miserable life. And it is characteristic that in a variety of cases in their letters there is some weird phrase present, they all write “everything changed completely”.

Lisa from Moscow, has wrote:” I got married and soon after the wedding, things changed, and the list of things that have happened can be listed till infinity, but there is one common thing: Russian wife didn’t know some things before the wedding not because man was hiding something from her (of course there are cases, when there really is not an honest person, who was hiding something about himself, or giving the wrong information about himself and so on) but this article is not about them, but about men who were honest, and were not even thinking about hiding anything, but the bride was so rushing to get married abroad that before the wedding she forgot to ask certain things from her man who she was planning to marry soon, to ask him some important questions. And sometimes there is an impression that this woman who is complaining was mostly thinking about how to get married sooner and move abroad, than about how she will live with this person in the future- those things were not important for her at that moment, but eventually sooner or later everyone gets his payback.

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Like for example, some women after getting married get to know that their husband has some serious disease, and  if they ask about the reason why didn’t he tell about the wedding, there comes a logical answer “Honey, you didn’t ask me before the wedding?”. It is shocking, but a lot of Russian women while corresponding, dating and even getting married with a foreigner, do not think that they should ask such an important question as, the health condition of the future groom. For some reason they forget that it is a normal thing that some people have diseases, and the man who started the communication through correspondence, doesn’t necessarily is an exception from this rule.


People who have diseases, even the most serious ones also dream of their own happiness, and that is why they are looking for a wife abroad, and they certainly have the right to do that. And some women might think that it is not such a bad thing to link their life with such a man, but this choice that they make should be wrll considered and this woman should know that she is getting married to a person who has problems with health, as this is how it is supposed to be in life, but having unpleasant surprises after the wedding, that is not fair, as this man puts this woman into situation when if she will leave him because he lied, it will look like she left him because he is sick.

Every Russian woman dreams about having children, and marriage itself supposes children having children in the future. And eventually everyone dreams about having a healthy child, and not a sick one, that is the reason why, the health of their future father is so important. So if being serious about the creation of the family, both people who intend to do it, should be veyr serious about the step they intend to make, that is why they should both go under a total medical investigation, in order to see if there are some diseases that they might pass to their future child, and if there really are some, than to take medical care in order to get better and avoid such problems.

Health is the main matter that should be discussed at the beginning of the correspondence, not in the first letter of course, but as soon as getting to know each other better. After discussing this matter each of two people will realize whether they need further communication or not.