How can a foreigner meet Filipina and conquer her with the help of traditions?

foreigner meet Filipina

Lots of Westerners are fascinated by Filipino women and choose to date them with the perspective of marriage. But as a man, you probably know that nothing should be done without thorough studying of the tutorial. Here the same thing!

It’s no big deal to meet Filipino singles online and even set up a date with some of them, but one cannot even think of conquering the Filipino girl not knowing her customs and traditions. There are ethnicities that have very concrete and very strong traditions, so breaking them means a complete failure!

First of all, Filipinos are very devoted Christians. Their most beloved and cherished holiday is Christmas. If you established a stable and pleasant communication with some cute Filipino girl online, the best way is to come visit her for Christmas. But not only that; Christmas gifts, souvenirs for her relatives, and celebrating with them according to local religious traditions is obligatory too. The Christmas evening is called Noche Buena and includes as many dishes as American Thanksgiving eve. Oh, and it’s not only one evening, it’s usually one or two weeks holiday. The outfits and even the shape of sliced fruits are symbolical.

You’ll be amazed at how superstitious Filipinos are despite their “classical” religion. And they fully demonstrate this national trait even on their Christmas celebration. Not participating in this event and not helping with festive preparations is literally a crime. If you can’t find time for her this Christmas, better forget about your dating project! Most probably, it won’t work as all Filipino girls are very sensitive to everything connected with Christmas. Filipino women dating site won’t tell you this but you should book a Christmas trip to the Philippines before even joining such a site.Filipino women dating site

The next important tradition is cockfighting. If you’re a vegetarian and animal rights defender, you won’t understand that popular entertainment but better put some efforts and start loving it otherwise your girl will be bored with you. The rule is simple: if you’re a man, you should be a huge fan of this cruel game. And don’t forget to eat the crowing losers with an impressive and infectious appetite!

Another challenge for refined foreigners is eating with their hands. How can a foreigner meet Filipina and show he’s totally adapted to their culture? He should accept and approve all local dishes no matter how weird they are, and eat with his hands! It’s not as easy to do as it sounds. The difficulty is that many dishes are in fact disgusting for Westerners. Just look at the famous balut, the egg boiled along with the embryo inside, crusty pig, or squid balls. Yuck!

If you think cockfighting is too much for you, try singing. It’s almost an official way to show you’re a true man. The most devastating and pitiless fights between men take place in a karaoke bar! Yes! You should sing as loud as you can and as long as you can till you fall on the floor.

Patience is your key skill for getting a Filipino wife. Yep. Their culture and strict Christian beliefs don’t allow the girl to lose their virginity before marriage. You should either wait all those months and propose to her or just forget about Filipino brides forever. There is always a less serious option such as bar girls though but it’s definitely costly and risky.

getting a Filipino wife

Tolerance and tactfulness are extremely important too. The most genuine, authentic and reliable Filipino girls are often from poor families and live in bamboo huts, among the muddy soils. If you want good chances for marrying your beauty, forget about judgment and arrogance. Imagine you’re in a palace and don’t be stressed about things.

You cannot even think about meeting her dad or other elderly relatives if you don’t know how to do Mano Po. It’s a very special greeting and a sign of respect towards older people. Even small kids greet them like that.

Drink with them! Vegetarianism isn’t the only healthy habit you should leave behind the border while entering the Philippines. Being sober is another one. Forget about it if you want to be accepted as a family member and considered a true man. But drinking with Filipinos isn’t a torture. You are going to love coconut arrack and their exotic cocktails!

Now you’re well prepared to dating a Filipino girl and being introduced to her family.